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Grass Valley's dance program has been thriving since 2013. The goal has always been to bring dance to all students. Each year, the dance program has grown to a point where every classroom has dance class once a week. Our full time dance teacher, Heather Stockton, has been at Grass Valley for seven years and shares, “this is the best job I have ever had. I am honored to be here and so grateful. I get to dance and create with amazing kids everyday - it doesn’t get any better than that!”

Classes are creative and community based with joy at the heart. Heather works one on one with every Teacher to create a curriculum that is specific for their class so that it is student centered. Students learn the elements of dance and different forms of technique to create their own dances. Dance calls on students to bring their whole self to class: physical body, thoughtful mind, and expressive soul. When creating, students use experience, resources, and the imagination to solve real, abstract, or fictional problems. Creativity allows students to continue to survive and evolve in a world of multiple cultures comprised of individuals and groups.

We believe it is every child’s right to dance. At Grass Valley, we work and dance together as a community.